Does your instrument need some attention, perhaps it’s not playing as well as it used to, or maybe it’s been damaged, or needs serviced, or you’d like to upgrade your pickups or electronics.  At RamJam we pride ourselves in being able to sort things out, quickly and effectively and cost effectively.repairs

  • Re-strings – Free if you buy the strings at RamJam
  • Set-ups – Make your guitar play better than ever. Intonation, there’s a word for ya!
  • Re-wires – Got the crackles, don’t worry, we’ll soon sort that out for you.
  • Upgrades – Add those special pickups, that extra tone circuit, we do it all.
  • Re-Valve – Get your amp re-valved and sounding like new again.
  • Broken Jack – Happens to us all, but soon fixed at RamJam.
  • Re-frets, Crowning and all other Fret work, carried out in-house
  • Neck Breaks, and other accidents repaired in-house

We work on all sorts of instruments and gear.  All work is guaranteed and top quality.

We also carry out AMPLIFIER and PEDAL Repairs in Store in Aberdeen.