Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available from us here at RamJam music.
These are issued as plastic cards, and works like a debit card which can be presented as payment for items.
You can choose ANY amount from £5-£2,500.
The Gift Card operates on a reducing balance, so you don’t need to spend it all at one go, just keep visiting us until the balance hits zero! You can use your Gift Card, as full or part payment for items and you can use it as often as you like until it’s spent. The only restriction is that we ask you to redeem it within One Year from the date of issue.

So key points:-

  • Any value from £ 5 – £2,500 in multiples of £ 5.
  • You can buy a Gift Card using Cash, Credit or Debit Card.
  • You can redeem the Gift Card value on multiple purchases.
  • Gift Card has a reducing balance, don’t spend it all at once!
  • Valid for one year from Date of Purchase.

” Jamie says…… our RamJam Gift Card makes a great Birthday or Christmas Gift for the musician in your family, especially when you can’t decide just what to buy for them. They can blow it all on an instrument, use some as part payment,  or spend a little each time they need something smaller, like strings or leads, it’s up to them. It works well for everyone”

Buy Gift Cards Here