Agency Sales

We offer Agency sales for customers who are not in a hurry to sell today, but would prefer to let the market see their instrument and see how it’s received. Sometimes Agency sale items sell very quickly, sometimes they take longer, but you can be sure that they will be sold to yield the agreed amount you wanted. With our experience we can advise on realistic expected returns from your gear.  Potential Customers often prefer to buy from an established shop than from an auction site. We also accept card payments, which gives customers confidence to buy your item and reduces uncertainty all round.

Once your item has sold we will settle your account within 30 days. We allow this grace period in case of warranty issues with your item.  Payments will be made either by bank transfer, or store credit, as best suits your needs.

Why use us for an Agency Sale ?
Many people will simply  prefer to buy from a recognised shop, because they feel more comfortable buying from an established business rather than from a private individual.  We have a shop, they can visit both before and after the sale. We offer advice and the opportunity to test the item thoroughly before purchase. there is no pressure to buy or decide on the spot, as there is when buying privately.  Customers also know we will have checked the item carefully before they buy it and we will have told them honestly about any issues it may have which are still outstanding. In the event of a problem arising with an instrument they can contact us to help rectify it for them. It makes sense.  For the seller it removes the need to be involved in any negotiations or haggling about the sale and saves the cost of advertising, seeing numerous people in your home, and dealing with some of the “tyre kicker” style enquiries that arise when selling privately. Please Note that as of June 2021 we are no longer able to take in pre-loved amplifiers for sale using our Agency service.

Agency Sales work well for lots of customers, flexible and so much simpler than trying to do it yourself on auction sites.